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Introducing TavernQuiz!

2016-04-08 17:58:39 by knugen

Woah, Newgrounds. It's been a while!

But! I finally feel like I have something to share again after quite a few years of having a dayjob, and with that little time for my own projects. It's not a "proper" game that I can submit to the portal unfortunately, but a web app/game that you might like if you're into HearthStone. Check it out, and let me know what you think!


My freelancing venture

2013-04-25 14:03:58 by knugen

I just wrote a blog article on with some updates on my freelancing "progress". I'm pasting it here below as well, but read out of context my jibberish probably makes even less sense :D


My freelancing venture
The purpose of this blog (apart from populating this site with basically anything after having it just lying around empty for years...) was to cover my switch from employment to freelancing. I was lucky enough to receive a project from my former employer right away, meaning I had the rest of 2012 secured financially. Or at least that is what I thought.

Me and the client (my former employer) went into the project with nothing but trust for each other, and although there's always room for improvement I was very satisfied with the way I handled the project all the way to delivery. Unfortunately I can not say the same about the client who had economical problems, and instead of speaking frankly with me fed me lies and false promises to stall the invoice payment. During this time I was very short on money, and I had a trip booked for Dubai which the travel agency messed up and cancelled (turned out to be fortunate in the end, since I really couldn't afford it because of the unpaid invoice).

In the end I received the payment 1,5 months after it was due. I am really not one for burning bridges, but at this point I had had it with this client and ended our business relationship with a few well chosen (well...) words. Coincidentally, last week they went bankrupt. Good riddance.

Despite the bitter taste this client and former employer had left in my mouth, I still value the experience because of the lessons learned!

Lesson 1:
Establish a contract, no matter who you are dealing with.

Despite knowing and trusting the client in the beginning, we made a huge mistake in not writing a contract. I doubt it could have been used to get my payment any earlier, but with a proper contract in place and not just oral agreements the client would have had less bullshitting options for stalling the invoice.

Lesson 2:

Not much of a shocker really. You need money to survive, and if you are dependent on invoices being on time as a freelancer you are on thin ice. Apart from just surviving, I would have loved to have spare cash for some lawyer advice on contracts. I was never comfortable finding new clients because I had so little legal knowledge.

Moving on
This project has basically been my only source of freelancing income since October. Because of the implications I was quite tired of it all about as quick as it had begun, and I went looking for employment again. I had some promising interviews in a bigger city (Gothenburg) and was looking forward to a change of scenery, but I didn't get the job I wanted the most and instead I received an interesting job offer from Vera & John (an online casino) here in Skövde. I ended up taking it, and I have been working there for about three months.

My freelancing firm is still alive and kicking as well, with some interesting projects around the corner. I will follow up this post with more details... Some day! :)

Rick Rolling in 2013

2013-02-16 17:28:23 by knugen


2013-01-25 14:37:05 by knugen


ZERG RUSH - Finally!

2012-10-26 18:37:26 by knugen

Well it sure has taken its sweet time, but it's finally up!

Here's hoping I have motivation to keep the blog updated.. ;)

Need a website?

2012-09-05 15:34:55 by knugen

Heya :)

I'm considering moving from my full time job as a web developer to freelancing! So, do you or anyone you know need a website of some sort, a portfolio for your cool Flash work perhaps? :)

I recently set up my portfolio site here. It's in Swedish but you get the idea :P

Let me know by PM if you are interested! Please note however that since I'm trying to make a legitimate business out of this I have to charge accordingly, meaning there needs to be a budget of at least $250 for me to actually consider taking on a project. I will of course give some discount for my dear NG peers though ;)

NG GreaseMonkey scripts!

2012-02-28 13:13:53 by knugen

I stopped updating my list because I'm more or less inactive on NG nowadays. Sorry :|

LiquidFire was nice enough to take over though! The list can now be found HERE!

Like StarCraft 2? Come check out my stream :)

2011-07-27 19:25:09 by knugen

Recently began streaming SC2 since some friends was interested in seeing me playing. You guys can come check it out too though if you want (diamond protoss) ;D

Like StarCraft  2? Come check out my stream :)


2011-05-11 17:37:21 by knugen

I never really did understand what's supposed to be so great with Twitter, but I opened up an account today and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised :D

I don't know how much I will tweet myself, but in case you would like to follow me my profile is here. The tweets I do make should mostly be about stuff I'm working on, such as the game I showed in my last post. When I open stuff up for beta testing I will most certainly announce it on there as well, and perhaps there will be small contests every now and then ;D


PROcrastinator no more? :O

2011-05-08 16:09:05 by knugen

I'm finally working on a new project; almost a year since my last one!

Here's a little preview for you :) As it is an alpha it's a bit buggy and misses a lot of features that I intend to have in the final game, but feedback is as always welcome! Also, if you happen to possess mad artistic skill and would like to work with me on this let me know :)